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18 Aug 2021

Make use of icons in your projects

I recently discovered the website []( This website is a project from our chinese "fellows" from alibaba network who aims to provide icons and illustrations to web de...
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12 Apr 2020

Curryfication in Typescript for safe argument binding

### Introduction In this post we will focus on how to safely bind arguments to functions such as contextual filter/sort functions in Typescript. ### Using bind, the unsafe way The first way is to use bin...
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04 Apr 2020

Redux tips

## Introduction I've worked with React/Redux apps for a couple of years and I'd like to share some tips and tricks I made and discovered to manage loading and errors states and trigger ui changes acro...
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03 Apr 2020

Notice on Redux

## Introduction I wrote a post previously about Elm and it’s architecture. Here we will focus on react and redux, and I’ll try to be objective. React has a thing called local component state. It is conve...
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02 Apr 2020

Typescript is great, here are my good practices

I use Typescript since 2018 and I'd like to share my experience with it. ### Static typing Typescript has static typing. It means you can type variables, function arguments and functions return type at ...
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01 Apr 2020

Elm - pros and cons

Disclaimer : I am not Evan Czaplicki, I am not the creator of Elm, and I have a profoud respect of his work. Very nice work Evan ! For crafting a webapp, you have a bunch of options. Here is a (non exha...